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Must-Have Efficiency Boosting Attachments

Nothing affects your bottom line as profoundly as increased efficiency. Installing side shifters and fork positioners on your forklift will undoubtedly increase productivity allowing your forklift operators to make fewer movements when moving heavy loads. The benefits don’t stop there creating a snowball of savings. With increased productivity, forklift operators complete work in less time. Now that loads are being moved more quickly, fuel consumption is significantly decreased as well.  Forklift operators will be substantially pleased with this attachment as it will make their work more comfortable and safer, reducing workplace accidents.

Side Shifters

The function of the side shifters is to allow the forklift operator to move a carried load left or right directly from his seat without needing to move the entire forklift. Therefore, saving time. Other benefits include:

•    Shifting loads in tight spaces

•    Moving heavy loads with more precision

•    Positioning cargo when loading/unloading

Fork Positioners

As with the side shifter, the operator can control the movement of the fork positioners directly from the seat. The space in between the forks can be adjusted in and out to accommodate loads with different widths. Other benefits include:

•    Distributing the load equally between the two forks

•    Minimizing pallet/product damage by adjusting forks to the pallet’s width

•    Operating in narrow aisles, zero closing units and extra wide opening units that extend beyond the width of the truck


So now that you know the benefits and uses, how do you get these attachments installed on your forklift? If in the purchasing stage, “integral installation” can be done directly by the manufacturer. This means that the attachment is added when the truck is being produced, and the rated forklift capacity will not be compromised. However, if you have already purchased your forklift, don’t worry, you can still take advantage of this cost-saving attachment. In this case, Doosan Material Handling Solutions (DMHS) can do an “aftermarket installation.” Since both the side shifter and fork positioners are mounted onto the carriage assembly and powered by hydraulics cylinders attached to the fork tynes, we recommend installing both at the same time. This assures the least amount of capacity being compromised.

If you are considering adding these or any attachments to your existing forklift and would like more information, reach out to DMHS. Our parts experts can assist you at any of our 3 metro Atlanta locations in Buford, Austell, and Fayetteville.

What to Expect from DMHS

We caught up with Nicholas Garbis, Sales Manager of Doosan Material Handling Solutions (DMHS), to talk about what Atlanta can expect from Doosan’s newest retail operation.

D: What brought you into the material handling business?

NG: I worked in the Electric motors industry on the service side. Before that, I owned a small business. On one hand, I have been a small business owner. On the other hand, I have worked in the corporate world managing teams in warranty and quality. I understand how to start things from scratch and how to excel as a small team within a large organization. I think having these experiences have helped me immensely in the creative process as Dale Darling, the Operations Manager, and I continue to develop the factory store model.

D: How many locations does Doosan Material Handling Solutions have?

NG: There are three locations, one in the north, here in Buford, GA, one in the south, in Fayetteville, GA, and one in the west, in Austell, GA. These ensure coverage of the entire Atlanta region. Doosan carefully and strategically chose these three locations around the city, so we can better serve our customers with specials unmet by the competition – like a 4-hour response rate and from $49/ PM rates.

DMHS embraces “inwha” or “harmony” one of our parent company’s core value. From the parts and service side, we are focused on your forklift operational issues and ensuring quick, professional resolution.  From the sales side, we are committed to finding you find the right forklift or pallet truck for your business growth. Our credo is the will earn your business.

D: What do you think your greatest asset is that you are bringing to the Atlanta market as DMHS?

NG: I think the Atlanta market is starved for fast, professional, and quality service. At DMHS, we view ourselves as a direct extension of Doosan Industrial Vehicle. First, Atlanta is a huge market for forklifts, especially in shipping/distribution and wholesale retail. Secondly, we are headquartered here. This is our neighborhood and we have a vested interest in success.  Finally, we have a tremendous amount of product here, ready for Atlanta.

D: With Atlanta being in the top ten markets for distributing goods, what message do you want Atlanta to know about DMHS?

NG: We are here! We have been here since 1994, we have a long history of quality product, and we can’t wait to be the customer facing entity of Doosan in Atlanta. Atlanta is clearly the economic hub for the Southeast, meaning there is a copious amount of needs for equipment in this area. The airport alone is one of the most heavily trafficked airports in the world. This is an active region, with people moving to the area and product moving in and out daily.

We simply want Atlanta to experience the Doosan difference. We are not a run of the mill dealership, we are different. As a factory store, we have both the resources and products that will allow us to stand out against the competition and really ensure that we can provide the best customer service in the industry.  As a start, we are offering unprecedented door buster deals with a commitment to servicing all brands at the lowest rate. We offer new and used equipment, parts, service, and rentals!

Don’t take our word for it.  Let our actions speak for themselves. We will earn our customers’ business the old-fashioned way – through our actions.

Press Release: Doosan Material Handling Solutions Purchases All-Lift of Georgia

Buford, GA: Doosan Material Handling Solutions (DMHS) of Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp. (DIVAC) purchased All-Lift of Georgia in Fayetteville, GA this past Friday, March 9, 2018. This is the third location of DMHS, including American Forklift in Austell, GA, and the location in the Doosan headquarters in Buford, GA.

“Friday’s acquisition of All-Lift of Georgia is another step in our strategic initiative to better serve the Atlanta material handling market,” Tony Jones, VP/CEO of DIVAC commented. “Doosan and its retail operation, Doosan Material Handling Solutions, is uniquely positioned to bring value to our customers. Our manufacturing and company store will be a winning combination, bringing value and offering true partnership, serving the customers of Atlanta and the state of Georgia.”

Doosan Material Handling Solutions (DMHS) is unique to Atlanta’s market. As Doosan’s first corporate retail operation, DMHS is looking forward to providing quality customer service to Atlanta. DMHS is a combination of world-class products, a dedication to customers, and service and parts support backed by factory certified technicians and the largest inventory of parts in the Southeast.

About Doosan:

Doosan is Korea’s oldest business organization with a proud history spanning more than 120 years. As the world’s leading Infrastructure Support Business (ISB) provider, Doosan delivers the basic necessary for improving the quality of people’s lives. Doosan’s history represents a story of dynamic change and growth. With about 40,000 employees in 38 countries, Doosan  now operates 25 affiliates and 121 global entities. Doosan’s presence can be found in every area of the infrastructure support business, which encompasses energy development, industrial facilities, parts and machinery, heavy equipment, construction, civil engineering, transportation and other value-added areas. Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp. is headquartered in Buford, GA.

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