The last few years have led to many improvements in electric forklifts. Sealed containers and motors can easily withstand outdoor usage, and advances in AC technology have fractionalized maintenance and operating costs. It’s easy to see why material handling is moving towards an electric future since these new technologies have made the cost to run and maintain an electric fleet a fraction of the internal combustion (IC) counterpart.

Switching to electric vehicles (EVs) can significantly boost your operations’ short-term efficiency and long-term profitability by offering benefits including:

  • Maintenance and energy costs – An electric forklift has few moving parts and doesn’t have to burn fuel for energy, which can save you thousands every year. You can use the Electric Power Research Institute‘s calculator to see what your company can save on fuel and maintenance.
  • Health and Environmental Safety – Electric forklifts benefit the environment long term and your employees today. Adopting an electric fleet significantly reduces harmful fume emissions, improving the air quality and creating a clean workplace.
  • Extended Value and Maximum Uptime – Opportunity charging during shift changes and weatherproof internal electronics allow modern electric forklifts to operate indoors and outdoors 24/7.

Pro-5 Series 4 Wheel

3,000 lbs. – 4,000 lbs. Capacity

7 Series 4 Wheel

4,000 lbs. – 6,500 lbs. Capacity

9 Series Stand Up

3,000 lbs. to 4,000 lbs. Capacity


Whether you choose to buy, rent, or lease an electric forklift, Doosan Material Handling Solutions of Southern California is your go-to provider. We offer a wide selection of Class I, Class II, and Class III electric forkliftsreach truckspallet & stacker trucks, and other warehouse equipment ready to help your business expand.

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