Custom Fitted Solutions

We know your operation is unique. You make it work with what you have, but imagine how much more efficiently you could run your operation with the help of a forklift expert.

We take the time to consider every aspect of your application, so you don’t have to. We’ll look at your:

  • Aisle width & door clearance
  • Racking
  • Ramps & Dock areas
  • Floor Surface
  • Average load size & weight
  • And any unique features of your application

Many organizations are using the wrong forklift for their operation and it costs them thousands of dollars every year. We’ll take the guessing work out of choosing which forklift is best suited for your operation. Our forklift experts will craft a custom solution fit to your application, needs and budget.

Fill out the form to take steps towards a more efficient operation. Your bottom line will surely appreciate it.

If you have any questions email sales@dmhs-socal.com

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