Doosan's Peace of Mind Warranty

Take Away the Worries with Doosan's Limited Total-Care Warranty!

Our limited Total-Care 5-Year and 10,000-hour Full Truck Warranty is being extended! Now you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your Doosan can be repaired or replaced in case of accidental damage or normal wear and tear takes your lift truck out of commission.

Our Peace of Mind Warranty is being extended to our Electric Class 1, 2, 4 & 5 HOL (3K-12Klb) trucks and our IC CL4 & CL5 products. (Please note that this warranty does not apply to our Class 3 trucks!) You must be enrolled in a Preventative Maintenance or Full Maintenance Plan in order to be eligible for our extended warranty. If you are curious about your eligibility, contact your dealer for details!

Additional Terms & Conditions Include the Following: 

  • Our TOTAL-CARE Warranty is subject to Doosan’s warranty policies and product support limitations.
  • PM or FM Costs are not included and are at the customer’s expense.
  • 3.25% APR for up to 64 months or $1 option leases
  • Warranty offer expires September 30, 2021

Contact Your Dealer to Learn More

Do you want to extend your Doosan Electric Lift’s Warranty? Reach out to your local dealer today and see if you qualify!

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