“Forklift is down!” is always bad news, especially when your business is trying to catch up. Our goal is to avoid that. With award-winning reliable forklifts, operator training programs, outstanding parts availability, and dedicated customer support, we are here to ensure the supply chain is rolling! Now more than ever, it is essential to look at your existing lease payment and see how much you actually pay. Fuel, repairs, operational hours lost—all that adds up.

Give us a shout, and our sales and engineering team will show you how much you can save per month by switching to Doosan leasing options. The reliability and efficiency of our equipment have been saving our customers on lease payments for years. And to help your business grow faster, we offer 180 DAYS NO PAYMENT* when leasing with us!  Sounds good? Contact us today!


180 days deal banner doosan forklift in a recycling facility


We are a forklift dealership proudly serving the Southern California area. We are a small, dedicated team that always goes the extra mile (or ten!) to ensure our customers are happy, trained, and have everything they need to keep the supply chain going. Backed by the Doosan factory, we have immediate access to the latest and greatest equipment, parts, and customization options. Our sales and engineering teams have decades of experience in the forklift industry and will help you pinpoint the optimal solution for your warehouse. We are not here to sell you forklifts; we are here to provide material handling solutions that will save you money and boost your business. DMHS is not just a forklift dealer; we are your local partner.

* Terms and conditions apply, contact DMHS for more information. Limited-time promotion expires 03/31/21

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